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Spiced Millet Salad


Spiced Millet Salad

This millet salad is packed with vegetables and warm spices like garam masala and turmeric. Chickpeas make it worthy of a stand-alone meal. 

spiced millet salad in a bowl with glass of water

Do you ever feel like you have the same few salads on repeat? This colorful millet salad is perfect for shaking things up! Warm spices like garam masala and turmeric add the most unique flavor twist. I really love all the texture, too. 

Millet Salad Ingredients


Or you can use couscous for an even quicker cook time


Roasted until it has a bit of caramelization, but isn’t mushy

Red bell pepper

Or any color pepper you like!


Because adding beans makes this filling enough for a light meal


For a bit of juicy sweetness


You can sub spinach or other greens, but I love the peppery flavor of arugula


For crunchy goodness

Garam Masala & Turmeric

And a hefty dose of garam masala & turmeric is key!

ingredients for millet salad

Millet FAQs

If you’re new to cooking with millet, here are the basics!

Millet is considered an ancient grain as it was first farmed thousands of years ago. Cool, right?

It’s a teeny, tiny little grain that puffs up a bit when cooked. 

Use millet as you would rice or quinoa in your favorite recipes. It’s naturally gluten-free. The Moroccan mint and lentil salad from my picnic salads post is another great one. 

How to Cook Millet

Simmered on the stovetop in water or broth, millet takes about 20 minutes until fluffy and perfect. For extra nutty flavor, you can also toast millet in a dry pan before simmering. I also use my rice cooker to make it 100% hands-off. 

Health Benefits of Millet

Like other whole grains, millet is rich in fiber, B vitamins and minerals like magnesium. It also adds some protein and is relatively low in calories for how filling it is.

What does millet taste like?

It has a very mild flavor. Because of this, it works well in a variety of salads and other recipes (including sweet and savory dishes). It’s like a blank canvas! I like using couscous here too, because it’s easier to find and cooks extra-fast.

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