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Date Night To Brasserie Saison

Oh boy, how precious date nights are these days! My FABULOUS mother-in-law, Eileen, occasionally comes over to play with the boys while we go out for an early dinner. I hold those nights so dear to my heart. 

We dined at Brasserie Saison downtown and had a delicious meal! (Drinks at Fitzroy beforehand 😎 ) 

Salmon Dip with Toast + a salad to share

Mussels, Frites, and Bread for dipping

Good Reads

Since the pandemic began we hadn’t been able to do all the normal indoor toddler activities with Birch – the Discovery Museum, the library, playdates with little friends. This little guy LOVES books and had been deprived of going to see the actual stacks for so long! 

Does he look excited or what?!

That’s better!

{Masks for extra safety}

We read 100 books! 

I enjoyed this one:

This was the best Goosebumps book. Challenge me!

Garden Tomatoes

Looks what’s growing!! 

Carry-On Set

I posted a few weeks ago about the new Countertime Carry-on Set and mine is here with some new pics! Beautycounter just launched a TSA-approved version of my favorite anti-aging skincare line, Countertime. It comes in a cute pouch! I went to the Cramer Photo studio to take some mascara pics and snapped a few with this set too.

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