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6 Month Baby Favorites!


6 Month Baby Favorites!

As I’m writing this post, sweet baby Max is nearly seven months old! Can you believe it?! Little man is growing like a weed, babbling, starting to eat solids, and is all around just such a little bundle of joy.

There’s nothing like waking up to Bubba’s melt-worthy smile and juicy cheeks every morning. Love has an entirely new meaning to me now;  and I couldn’t be more grateful to be this sweet, special boy’s mama.

My favorite thing to do with Max lately is sneak in an afternoon nap cuddled up with him on the couch or outside. We were pretty adamant about him napping in the crib early on to establish a good routine, but I truly cherish our snuggles now!

Around six months we went from five feedings (still pumping) to four. He still chugs about 8.5oz each time. He’s exploring food, but still not eating much yet. Seeing him play with food has been a [messy] blast!

Below are several items that we are absolutely loving in this phase. Share your favorites in the comments, and be sure to check out out all my Motherhood content, including Newborn Essentials and Max’s Nursery Reveal!



Skiphop Activity Center: This is by far Max’s favorite way to play these days. It keeps him entertained forever! We have it in the kitchen facing a big window and he loves to play in there while we eat breakfast. Register for this!

Stroller Arch: We got this late in the game but I’m so glad we did. We attach it to his carseat and the Baby Bjorn, too! Max loves playing with it while we walk in the stroller.

Mozart Magic Cube: My mom got this for us and we play with it countless times a day. Max likes to sit between my legs and play the different sounds.

Sophie the Giraffe: I never thought I’d rally around a $25 chew toy but Max loves nothing more than chewing on this sweet little giraffe.

Mushroom teether: Another great teething toy!

Wonder Wheel: We suction this to the activity center and Max is obsessed!


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We started baby led weaning when Max was about six and a half months and it’s been super interesting! I’m going to do a separate post on this topic, but the Baby Led Weaning podcast by dietitian and mom of seven Katie Ferraro is fantastic.

Five Things Your Baby Should Be Able To Do Before Starting Solids” is a great starting point if you’re interested in learning more.

9oz Avent bottles: These are our favorite bottles. We used the smaller versions when he was eating closer to 6oz at a time but not that he drinks more milk at a time, these are perfect. The faster flow nipple is great, too!

EZPZ mats: These are the best mats for solids because they stick to the high chair. I have three of them!

Weighed cup + utensils: To work on self feeding yogurt, oatmeal, applesauce etc. plus practicing with an open cup. The color of this set is fab.

High chair cushion: We have the Ikea high chair but Max was too small for it, so this cushion changed the game. We just throw the cover in the wash as needed!

Smock bibA steal at $6.99, I found this gem when I got the high chair. It covers his arms and is machine washable. Less mess! Plus, it’s super duper cute. He looks like a clown meets a painter!

Silicone bibs: More great bibs that we use when the smock bib is dirty. Love that they catch all the food that misses his mouth, which is 90% of it.


Merlin Sleep Suit: We were scared to transit on Max out of the beloved swaddle but when he started coming out of it, we knew it was time. He slept like a champ in it from night one, and it’s so much easier to use than the swaddle. We just put him in it in a diaper in the summer. Everyone we share this with is obsessed!

Sound Machine: We have several sound machines from this brand but this one is the one we keep in Max’s room and take whenever we travel. So easy, and it’s also a night light.


Baby joggers: I had to throw in these cute little joggers which we just got in 6-12 months. I like how lightweight they are.

Honest diapers: We were using Kirkland diapers and Max was having blowouts constantly. When we switched to Honest, they went down drastically. They still happen of course, but not nearly as much!

Stroller fan: Another thing I didn’t think I needed until Max was so rashy and I was trying to keep him less sweaty to calm it down. With these crazy hot days, this little guy has been a life saver.

Now tell me–what are your baby must haves?!

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