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Summer At Smith Mountain Lake


Summer At Smith Mountain Lake

We ended the summer at Smith Mountain Lake! Here’s a recap of our trip – the condo where we stayed, what we ate, and how we splashed around. 

Summer At Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake is a quick two-hour drive from Charlottesville – the perfect distance for a short family trip!

We have said if we ever bought a second home we would probably want it to be on this lake. (There aren’t any plans in the near future, but renovating a lake house is on the long-term idea list.) 

We’ve been a few times – with friends a few summers back and with my parents last fall

So we drove down on Sunday and stayed two nights at a condo with the boys. 

The condo we rented

We rented a first-floor two-bedroom condo (unit #303 if you want to search for it!) at Mariner’s Landing.

We chose it because condos are generally less expensive than houses, and we thought the kids would like the pool and lake-beach. 

We decided to forgo a view and rent on the first floor so we could walk right out of our balcony. This proved to be more challenging because there wasn’t a door – we had to hop over the wall! But it was better than riding in an elevator each time we left. 

The condo was beautifully decorated and renovated – the kitchen was so cute! 

We had two bedrooms – each with queens – and two bathrooms. A downside was that neither room had windows so it was a bit dark back there, but they were very nicely done. 

Birch and Mazen were roommates – I think for the first time?! As far as I can remember Birch has always been in our room when we’ve traveled. But they tried being roomies (crib next to the bed) and they had a blast. Mazen said Birch pulled his pillow off the bed in the middle of the night! Luckily they both slept all night and in past 7am. 

Mariner’s Landing Amenities 

Mariner’s Landing has a lake-beach, which is perfect for toddlers and much more Kath-friendly than jumping off a dock into who-knows-how-deep water. There’s also a nice pool, which the kids loved. (And a second pool and indoor pool too but we didn’t go to those because they were a drive away.) 

Sunday Afternoon

After checking into the condo, we went for a swim! 

Sunday Dinner

Happy hour on the porch!

We brought a cooler full of groceries to eat, including a Blue Apron dinner and plenty of breakfast and lunch foods. The boys had pizza for dinner, and we ordered take-out grilled shrimp salads from The Landing, which was located two buildings away. The salads were great, but the shrimp were not the greatest – quite fishy tasting and dry 🙁 

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Charles Esten Sighting!

While I was picking up our salads, this good looking man was causing some commotion in the restaurant as he was making an introduction with a girl in a wheelchair. They posed for a photo and I heard her friend say “Mom, do you know who he is?!” 

I got a better look and it was none other than one of my celeb crushes Charles Esten!! AKA Deacon Claybourne from the show Nashville. (Also from Outer Banks). I confirmed it was him when I checked his Instagram and saw he had played a concert the night before on the lake. I wish I had been able to say hi! 

Pancake Breakfast

Pancakes, lots of fruit, bacon, and coffee! 

We actually had wanted to rent a boat on Monday but the forecast was so ominous all the week before that we didn’t. Too bad because the sun was out for most of the day!

So instead we frolicked in the water!

Lunch: BLTs + Fruit + Chips

Happy Hour!

I brought this half bottle of wine which was perfect for me : ) 

Blue Apron beef + carrots with rice

The storms eventually arrived…

Game Night

After the boys were asleep, Thomas and I played a few rounds of Jaipur, our new favorite two-player game 🙂

Heading Home

We packed up and returned to Cville on Tuesday. The kids are out of camp/school/activities all week, so we’ve just been hanging out till school starts next week!

We are already planning a return visit to SML! While we loved having the pool and our little condo, the T and M weren’t able to get in a lot of fishing (and Mazen wasn’t allowed to go alone) because we were so far from the docks. Next time we’d like to look for a small house with a close-by dock so they can fish more – perhaps this fall! And maybe one with a canoe or paddleboards, too. 

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