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The Best Canned Wines


The Best Canned Wines

Canned wine’s popularity has been on the rise over the past few years. Here’s my opinion of the best canned wines, including the ones I loved and the one I had to dump out! 

Canned wines lined up in rows

Canned wines lined up in rows

This is one of those posts that I was super pumped to plan, research, and write!

I love wine, and I’ve been so happy that canned wines are on the upswing. A few years ago my friends and I tried nearly every can we could find on the market in a cross-varietal canned wine review. Now there are so many kinds on the market I could never try them all!!

But I found a selection of wines that were most widely available at my regular grocery stores and tasted them all over the course of a month or two. Note: not all the ones I tried are photographed! The haul in the these photos mostly came from Whole Foods, but this review includes even more favorites that I have tried in the past. 

canned wines in a row leading with rose

canned wines in a row leading with rose

Reasons I Love Canned Wine

Canned wines are uber portable.

Take one to the beach or pool, pack in a cooler for a hike, take to-go to a party. This is probably the number-one reason they are increasing in popularity but the reason I like them best is next! 

Single serve helps me with portion control. 

The complete opposite of boxed wine, canned wines help me drink fewer ounces. Sometimes I just want one glass, and sometimes I just want two! I can choose my can based on what I’m in the mood for and know I won’t get caught up in the “just one more splash” limbo. 

the best canned wines lined up

the best canned wines lined up

The Best Canned Wines

For this round-up I wanted to focus on wines that are true, still wines (so no mixers, hard seltzers, spritzers, or the like). One Piquette did sneak into my cart (which is fizzy) but otherwise I wanted to stick to still wines. I know fizzy cans are super popular, and there are a lot of sparkling rosés on the market, but I prefer a still wine that I can pour into a glass. 

Best All Around: Dear Mom Wines

Dear Mom Wines ended up being my favorite all-around brand. I do give points for can design, and I love the cherries and popsicles on theirs! I loved both their rosé, which was fruity, vibrant pink, and juicy, and their red, which was full-bodied and lovely. Because it’s so hard to find a good red in a can, this brand wins best all around for this reason! I also really liked that each can was a 6-ounce glass. Some of the 12-ounce cans were just a little too much! 

Best Local: Crosé

This is a local favorite from King Family Vineyards! The vineyard is in the town of Crozet (pronounced “cro-zeh”) so when they launched the Crosé wine I loved the name immediately! It’s a lovely dry rosé with “grapefruit, lime, watermelon, and a light grassiness on the nose.”

Best Rosé: Margerum Riviera Rosé

I shared this can with my mother-in-law and we both raved about it. This is one of those “you’d never know it was in a can” wines that was very sophisticated with its European style. We also loved the can design! 

Other Favorites That Get A Thumbs Up

McBride Sisters She Can

Loved this one! And love the woman power behind it. “The fun, fab and eco-friendly SHE CAN collection and its related SHE CAN Professional Development Fund, are inspired by the endless pursuit of all women who are making their dreams a reality and breaking barriers daily.” They are doing great things.

A friend and I gave this one a 9/10! We loved it for its classic rosé taste – not too sweet, perfectly fruity and still. They also made some fruity spritzers too, so look for those if you’re into that. 

Underwood Pinot Gris

This is one of the more common canned wines that’s been on the market for years. Our pool sells it so I’ve had my fair share over the years! This is a double can (12 ounce) whereas our pool sells a 6-ounce can too, so there are options on the market. The big cans are so pretty and have a good cause attached to them and support the Nature Conservancy! They also make a Radler and some other varietals. The Pinot Noir and Rosé are good too!

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I’m including old favorite Ruza in the list because it’s a canned wine I’ve been drinking for years. It IS a bit fizzy, but it’s fun and one of my go-tos on the hottest summer days at the beach or pool! I’ve bought it from the Winc wine shop for years : ) 

14K White + Rosé

These are both Scout and Cellar cans that I’ve had as an in-house staple for a long time. Both are clean-crafted wines, which means they are free of synthetic pesticides and chemical additives and have fewer than 100 ppm of total sulfites. There are also bubbly versions too 😉 

Kim Crawford

I found this Sauvignon Blanc at Costco of all places and had low expectations. However, all expectations were exceeded! This is a classic New Zealand Sauv Blank with all the crisp grapefruit flavor you would want. It’s also a large can – just over 8 ounces – so it’s a great portion size for those in-between nights. But sorry, Kim Crawford, you need to hire a new can designer!! 

kim crawford wine

kim crawford wine

Two That Were “Just OK”


This can was just ok. It didn’t taste classic Sauv Blanc to me and was on the sweeter side. It was not bad, but it also wasn’t one of my favorites. Better for a super hot day than something to pour and swirl in a glass. That said, bonus points for being organic and biodynamic!

Old Westminster “Skin Contact” Piquette

At 6% alcohol, this is great for those of you who like wine spritzers. Admittedly it did not fit the criteria of my review since it’s sparkling, but I am always looking for lower-alcohol choices and decided to try this one. “For minimal alcohol” I liked this wine, but had it been the full amount I wouldn’t have cared for it. (See notes below about another wine by the same brand.)

Another Piquette I have loved is Pip’s White Piquette. Both are like kombucha minus any fruit and with a slight hint of wine taste. 

piquette rose

piquette rose

The One Canned Wine I Had To Dump Out

Old Westminster Winery Raw Rosé

I HATE giving anything a bad review in life because I know the people behind any brand work really hard, but this wine was so not my style that I could not even finish it. It’s made with wild yeast, so maybe that’s why I didn’t love it.

First off, it was majorly fizzy despite the can not saying anything about bubbles, and second, it was sour like a kombucha but with all the alcohol of a wine at 11% ABV. If I’m going to drink 11%, I don’t want it to taste like ‘booch! I want to slowly savor a wine.

This wine was made sustainably, and the company seems great, so I will have to try one more and hope that maybe this one just wasn’t my match (I don’t care for sour beers either…).

Raw rose by westminster wines

Raw rose by westminster wines

More Recommendations To Try

Bev – Woman-owned and fun! I found a Sauv Blanc at Target but have not tried it yet. 

Las Jaras – This brand takes the cake for best cans!! I kind of NEED these mermaid cans in my life. I have not tried the wine inside yet! 

Vinebox – These are not cans but single serve and fun! The vials are really beautiful and I love that you can buy a mixed pack and try a different wine each night. There is also a subscription club if you want a quarterly box to auto ship! 

Nomadica – I haven’t tried these either, but these cans are gorgeous! I love that they have an Adventure Box – might have to try!

Why Not Drink Boxed Wine?

While boxed wine is an excellent choice for many reasons, such as minimal waste and cost, I have trouble when I have an unlimited flowing container in my house! It’s hard not to go back for “one more splash.” So I don’t usually have an open boxed wine in my house, but I think they are fab for groups and parties! And I’ve picked up the mini boxes from Bota before for to-go trips. 

Share your favorite canned wines in the comments!

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