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Majjavaha Srotas Description, Vitiation Symptoms, Treatment


Majjavaha Srotas Description, Vitiation Symptoms, Treatment

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)

Majjavaha srotas – The channels of bone marrow conveyance do not transport bone marrow but we assume these channels to transport materials and ingredients required for the formation and maintenance of bone marrow tissue. Majja = bone marrow, Vaha = carrying
Srotas = channels / ducts of transportation
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Majja Vaha Srotas – Channels of transport of bone marrow tissue
Master Charaka has mentioned and explained the channels transporting bone marrow but master Sushruta has not explained the same.

According to Charaka
a. Roots of the channels
The channels carrying bone marrow tissue are two in number. They have their roots in –
Asthi – Bones
Sandhis – Joints

b. Symptoms of vitiation of bone marrow carrying channels –

Parva ruk – pain in the inter-phalangeal joints
Bhrama – giddiness
Murcha – fainting, loss of consciousness
Tamo darshana – feeling of darkness in front of the eyes / blurring of vision
Aroomshi – Seborrhoea / Pityriasis capitis
Sthoola mula of Parvas – inter-phalangeal joints look big and large
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Causes for vitiation

Majjavaha Strotodushti Karana:
Utpeshaat – being crushed
Ati abhishyandana – being filled with wet components or kapha
Abhighaataat – accident / trauma
Prapeedanaat – compression
Virudda ahara – consumption of incompatible / unwholesome foods / adverse combos of foods


The principles of treatment of vitiation of the channels transporting bone marrow (Majjavaha Srotas) and semen are the same. They are as below mentioned –
Madhura tikta anna – sweet and bitter tasting foods and drinks
Maithuna – indulgence in sexual intercourse
Vyayama – indulgence in exercises
Shodhana – evacuation treatments like therapeutic emesis, therapeutic purgation etc should be administered in proper dose, in proper time or season

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Sanskrit Verses

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Analysis of channels and their roots

When majjavaha srotas get vitiated, they give rise to bone marrow related disorders.

The Roots – Master Charaka has mentioned bones and joints as the roots of bone marrow carrying channels.

a. Bone as the root of bone marrow carrying channels – Bones marrow is formed after the bone tissue in the chronology of formation of tissues as explained in Ayurveda. A part of bone, during the process of its formation takes part in the formation of bone marrow. The function of bone marrow is to fill the bones. Thus, the bone marrow is found filled in the bones. Since bone marrow takes its origin from bone tissue and also fills up the same bones, bone is considered as the root of channels transporting bone marrow.

b. Joints as the roots of bone marrow carrying channels – Joints are the sub-tissues of fat tissue. Bones are formed from the same fat in the chronology of formation. The same bones are the roots of bone marrow carrying channels. The bony ends make up the joints of the body. Seeing from the other perspective, bones seem to take their origin from the joints and move either upwards or downwards i.e. bones are held in position from the joints. In this way joints can be considered as the seat of origin of bone marrow carrying channels.
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Analysis of symptoms of contamination

The term majja has been used in two senses –
That which fills up the bones – bone marrow
That which fills up the cranium – the brain matrix / nervous tissue, also called as mastulunga  

Among the symptoms of vitiation of bone marrow carrying channels, pain and enlargement in the inter-phalangeal joints and seborrhea is due to vitiation of bone marrow.

The symptoms – giddiness, loss of consciousness and feeling of darkness in front of the eyes seem to be due to affliction / vitiation of marrow like substance in the cranial cavity i.e. brain tissue.
Therefore when majja is vitiated, the symptoms pertaining to vitiation of bone marrow tissue and also affliction of brain tissue and nerves are manifested.
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