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Lovely Meals Lately: Week of 8-30-2021


Lovely Meals Lately: Week of 8-30-2021

Happy Wednesday from the smushiest sweetie face!

I’m weaning off exclusive pumping and it’s been an emotional roller coaster. On top of that, Max is suffering from horrible eczema and we lost the nanny we thought we had. When it rains, it pours…

The good news is that after trying a million things and nothing working, we tried cortisone per the pediatrician and it dramatically helped him. We’re also trying this new body wash (we mostly just do water) and only using Vaseline to moisturize him.

I’m still looking for the root cause and we’ve eliminated dairy to start, so I’ll keep you posted. Although he’s been scratchy, he’s still been his smiley self and that’s all this emotional mama can ask for.

Onto the grub!

My easy vegetable teriyaki stir fry is my mom’s favorite blog recipe so far! I added corn and shrooms, no carrot, and used defrosted from frozen pineapple. We did brown rice in the instant pot.

Roasted sweet potatoes, fried eggs, and the last of an avocado with everything bagel spice for a random snack plate.

My epic vegan lasagna. Never disappoints with garlic bread and salad!

I can’t get over this chocolate chip zucchini baked oatmeal for good snackin’.

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Nectarine and tomato salad app with marinated feta, basil and mint from The Crest. The season’s finest produce!

A delish chocolate croissant and coffee from Pistacia Vera for a sweet Saturday morning!

I forgot how amazing these chocolate peanut butter bars are. So fab with a chilly glass of milk.

A snack bowl of Greek yogurt, sweet potato mash, cinnamon, and walnuts.

Delish sweet potato black bean tacos were such a fun change of pace for din.

Paulie Gee’s for Detroit-style pizza Friday. We look so forward to this!

Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. This llama bib and splash mat set are adorable. The bib covers his neck better than others and it’s nice and thick.
  2. The second season of Truth Be Told is out and we’re digging it! I love me a murder mystery.
  3. We transitioned Max out of his Merlin suit and now this sleep sack is the bomb! I like how thick it is and Max doesn’t unzip it.
  4. Just ordered this harissa that I’m super excited to try it on all the things.
  5. I’ve been using this brow gel for years and it’s just the best. Also this cc cream.

Keep your heads up, pals!

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