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Beautycounter Reviews: Products with a Purpose


Beautycounter Reviews: Products with a Purpose

Here is a roundup of my Beautycounter reviews. From award-winning sustainability to advocacy, Beautycounter is a B corporation that is changing beauty forever. 

kath reviewing all of the beautycounter lip products

kath reviewing all of the beautycounter lip products

I’ve shared quite a bit about Beautycounter over the past couple years since I made the decision to clean up my personal care and become a part of the company all at once.

I joined as a consultant for a discount without trying many of the products and with the intention of writing about what I try as I go. As promised, I have reviewed so many products over the years. Plus we’ve had so many new products launch over the time I’ve been with the company and there are still a few products that I have yet to try. (Some of the Countercontrol line and some of the makeup, including different shades).

I’ve shared everything from My Top 10 Favorite Beautycounter Products to How To Apply Skincare Products In The Right Order

Beautycounter is not just another beauty brand.

I’ll show you why!

My Beautycounter Reviews

Beautycounter Makeup Review: The Foundations of a Fresh Face

In this post, I share the three clean Beautycounter makeup products I use for the foundation of a fresh, even face. What’s the difference between Dew Skin and Skin Twin? I share the details and how I use both products in this post. 

Beautycounter Mascara Review: Think Big All-One-In Mascara 

A must-have in my clean beauty makeup bag, I share my honest review of Beautycounter’s Think Big All-In-One Mascara – it is eye-mazing!

Vitamin C Serum + Overnight Peel Review: Products For Brighter Skin

An overview of the “Glow Duo” with the All Bright C Serum for AM and the Overnight Resurfacing Peel for PM. Both help to brighten and smooth. 

Countersun Review: The Best Safer Sunscreen

In this post, I share why we’re serious about using safer sunscreen for the whole family. 

The Clean Deo Review: Clean Smells Good On You

Looking for a clean deodorant? Beautycounter’s Clean Deo works, smells great, is free of aluminum, and comes in a refillable package.

Countertime Review: Beautycounter’s Anti-Aging Line

This is the skincare line I use morning and night. Beautycounter’s anti-aging collection uses a safer alternative to retinol in every product – it’s luxurious and oh so hydrating (great for dry and/or mature skin)! 

Beautycounter Regimen Reviews: Products By Skin Type

This post features an overview of our skincare collections and which are recommended for oily, acne-prone, dry, and sensitive skin types. 

Dry Skin Products: Beautycounter Products For Dry Skin

A head-to-toe review post of our most hydrating collections. 

Consultant Review: What I Like About Being A Beautycounter Consultant

Curious what it is really like to be a Beautycounter consultant? Here I share what I honestly love about being a consultant and what I actually do week to week!

Does Anything Get A Bad Review?

You’re probably wondering: are there any products that I don’t love? Naturally, yes. I just don’t tend to write about those as much!

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Eye Makeup Remover

The eye makeup remover stings my eyes, so I no longer use it. Lots of people love it though, so that might just be me. 

Countermatch Eye Cream

I think the Countermatch Eye Cream is a little meh. I much prefer the Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream.

Daily Shampoo + Conditioner

While I do use the Daily Shampoo and Conditioner, they aren’t my favorite scents ever. I’ve loved “shampoo smell” since the Herbal Essences days of my childhood. I actually tried this Herbal Essence Birch Bark Shampoo because of Birch, naturally, and because it’s EWG Verified, but it was too strong for me! My tolerance for scents must be changing since making greener choices. I’m back on BC shampoo for now. 

Eye Brow Pencil

I much prefer the Brilliant Brow Gel (and I am not a brows girl)


I used the lengthening mascara for a few years now and liked it well enough, but I didn’t like the volumizing mascara wand at all. Luckily, the brand new mascara just launched and and it’s awesome! You can read my full review here.

Fun fact: Dislike To Love

I didn’t love Dew Skin (our tinted moisturizer with SPF) when I first tried it. I wasn’t sure what the hype was about. But it has grown to be my favorite product, and I would say it’s now my desert island choice! I wear it every single day even if I’m not leaving the house. 

kath holding beautycounter think big mascara

kath holding beautycounter think big mascara

What About Beautycounter as a Company Overall?

Having been a part of the company for more than two years, I have little negative to say. From my experiences, the communication, training, involvement of the consultant community, and customer service have all been positive experiences. 

And you know how people loooooove to say that “these companies are predatory”? I have never felt pressured to sell, buy, or do anything I didn’t want to do. Nor have I experienced that with my peers. Just FYI!

Here’s a bit more about what Beautycounter, a B corp, stands for:

Educate, Advocate, Formulate


The more I learn about Beautycounter and the science behind the products, the more I wonder why the heck I didn’t try them sooner. (I said no so many times before I said yes!) My personal philosophy around food and nutrition (aka REAL FOOD) parallels Beautycounter’s standards and transparent ingredient selection process.

I studied nutrition labels to become a RD (well, that was a small piece of it!) and now I get to help others better understand labels on their personal care products and choose products without harmful ingredients. The synchronicity!

When it comes to our wellbeing, I think we can get hyper-focused on what we put in our bodies, and while I believe that not much can outweigh a nutritious diet full of local, organic, sustainably-grown foods (+ a healthy lifestyle), what we put ON our bodies matters, too. It’s one of those “can’t hurt to do it” things that makes me feel good about my choices. 

Beautycounter’s goal is to educate consumers on how and why it’s important to choose safer personal care products.


Not only is Beautycounter creating safer products that perform, but the products have a purpose – to lead the way in making all beauty clean beauty. Beautycounter consultants have been using their voices on the state and national level to advocate for legislative change in the industry. Since 2013, we have collectively sent more than 135,000 emails, made more than 10,000 calls, and held more than 1,250 meetings with lawmakers.

Learn more about our advocacy wins here.


Beautycounter is the leader in the clean beauty space as its ingredient selection process, sourcing and transparency is unparalleled. Beautycounter bans 1,800+ questionable or harmful ingredients in all products (while the United States only restricts 30).

Many products are verified by the Environmental Working Group – the gold standard in clean living.

Beautycounter works to source ingredients from non-GMO, sustainable sources, many of which are organic, and more than 80% of ingredients are natural or plant-derived. Plus, not only are the products sourced, screened, and tested rigorously, but their performance is on par with other luxury brands.

Check out Beautycounter’s 2020 Social Mission Report to learn more about our sustainability and advocacy efforts + big goals for the future!

Beautycounter Reviews in the Press

There are so many pieces of press that talk about Beautycounter’s efforts and strides made in getting safer products into the hands of everyone. I’ve linked a few here:

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