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September Life Lately


September Life Lately

This and that of life lately!

^ Labor Day Family Fun! ^

Birthday Dinner at Public

Some kids request spaghetti for their birthday dinner. Other kids want to go to Chuck E Cheese. Mazen? He requested Public Fish & Oyster – specifically the steam pot!

We were thrilled with his choice since Public is one of our favorite restaurants!

The adults started with oysters.

We encouraged Mazen to try one “now that you’re 9 years old!” but he declined. (He does love mussels though!)

Nona and Grandpa joined us!

Stickers from Birch <3 

We had oysters, fried Brussels, soft shell crab sandwiches, and a lobster roll at our table. Mazen and I shared the steam pot!

Blanc de blanc for mama 🙂 

New wheels!

Mazen got a brand new mountain bike from us as a joint gift from Matt and Katie as well. Perfect for biking to school in the bike train we have going!

He also picked out this gem kit at Alakazam on the downtown mall. It’s from KK!

Cake Tin Celebration

New Favorites >>

Declutter Like A Mother

I’ve been listening to the brand new Declutter Like A Mother audiobook which released this week. Allie Casazza’s “The Purpose Show” is one of my favorite podcasts, and her book so far is GREAT. I’m glad I chose the audiobook because it’s like one long decluttering podcast! I consider myself good at decluttering, and this book is really making me think deeper!

Ted Lasso

OMG this show!!! Brilliant and hilarious! Best dry humor since The Office?? It’s on Apple TV and worth paying $4.99 to upgrade for.

And even more, the character of Roy Kent looks just like Thomas! Especially when they furrow their brows!! 

Click here for the Roy Kent photo gallery!

Who Gives A ….Poppy!

Mom has been into collages lately and created “Powder Room Poppy” with Who Gives A Crap toilet tissue wrappers that I brought to her by request! You can see more of her work at

Multiverse Kitchens

New from Chef Harrison Keevil is Multiverse Kitchens! They’re calling it a “digital food hall” and it’s a really cool modern concept:

“Multiverse Kitchens is a digital food hall that’s home to six different restaurants—Fowl Mouthed Chicken, Firebox, Brookville Biscuit + Brunch, Keevil Tea Room, Smashing Salads, and Long Strange Chip—all designed using local ingredients and recipes that are meant to travel.”

Call in for pickup, place an order through the popular apps like Door Dash or dine in. 

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We were invited to their grand opening to taste some of the new (and long beloved) menu items. 

Chef Keevil is known for his biscuits in our house, and they are the best! Thomas also proclaimed the chicken wing the “best ever” (which is a really bold statement!!)

Real Food: WIAW

All the tomatoes from our garden!!!

Eggs and berries

Bagel party

Petite Oatmeal Bowl

with raspberries and almond butter. 

Salad with all kinds of leftovers on top. 

Corn dip and parmesan crisps!

Pizza Leftovers from Mellow Mushroom

+ leftover fried Brussels from Public.

Soup with parmesan croutons + grapes

Salmon and potatoes on a Bodos salad

Sausage Soup

I’m doing a comparison post with Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron vs. Home Chef. This was a Hello Fresh soup! 

Salmon with scalloped potatoes and asparagus

This was a Home Chef meal! Those potatoes were delishhhhhh.

Fontina Chicken with Mushroom Taters and Roasted Carrots

Another Hello Fresh Saturday night special! 

Kid Life

This cereal is Birch’s new favorite. He can now spell his name!

Water day!

Worm holding

+ Lego games in the basement

Hope you’re having a great week!

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