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Jockey’s Ridge: Sand Mountain


Jockey’s Ridge: Sand Mountain

Here’s part two of our visit to Nags Head, OBX, including our visit to Jockey’s Ridge State Park, date night out and crab hunting at night!

Jockey’s Ridge State Park

I LOVE Jockey’s Ridge and we were excited to take the boys!

We used to go every year when I was young and it’s one of my favorite natural places on the planet. I believe it’s the largest sand dune on the Atlantic Coast. 

We got up one morning when we had lots of energy and made our way to the giant sand dunes. 

Go, Mazen, go!

And the big brother award goes to…..Mazen!

The boys did a great job on the hike up! They loved running down, too. 

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It’s so fun to run down! 

Date Night to Fish Head’s

Thomas and I walked down the beach for a date night to Fish Head’s. We had big (strong!) IPAs and fish tacos. Plus key lime pie for dessert!

After Dark

We took the boys out ghost crab hunting at night. Brave Mazen caught the little ones with his hands, and then we caught big adults with a net. 

And Mazen and I went on a walk to the fishing pier one evening for beautiful moonlit water scenes. 

Such a wonderful time away with family <3

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