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New Fall Beauty


New Fall Beauty

Beautycounter’s freshening up their clean lineup with new fall beauty sets. From clean cream blushes to mini skincare sampler sets, now’s a great time to try something new. Enjoy free shipping all month long , too!

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I’ve always been a fan of mini products. Back in the day, you may remember my love for my Birch Box subscription boxes. Every month, I’d receive a beautiful box with a variety of surprise mini beauty products – it was so fun to try new things and helped me hone in on what my skin loved best. 

For its new fall collection, Beautycounter has launched a bunch of new products plus some great mini sets to sample your way through some of my favorite Beautycounter products.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying Beautycounter, some of these new sampler sets are a great place to start! There’s a cleanser sampler and a set of 5 of our most popular products at a great price point to try them all in one fell swoop! 


Through October 31st, enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all Beautycounter orders over $50!

New Fall Beauty From Beautycounter


Detox & Done Duo

Note this set is temporarily out of stock – it will be back!

Our cult-favorite Counter+ Charcoal Facial Mask purifies, detoxifies, and clarifies skin with nutrient-rich kaolin clay and activated charcoal. This set comes with a new silicone 3-in-1 facial tool for mess-free application, easy removal, and—best of all—a luxurious spa-like experience. You know how I feel about messes – this new tool is the best! It makes painting it on so much more fun : )

How to use it: Once a week, I recommend taking off your shirt, painting the mask on and letting it dry for ~5 minutes, and then hopping right into the shower to rinse it off. 

Mini Must Haves

This mini collection comes with three serums that are all staples in my routine. This is the most affordable way to try out all three best-sellers. Countertime Radiance Serum is a transformative treatment that visibly increases skin firmness while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Think of it as your all-purpose serum. All Bright C Serum provides an instant brightening power and glow for a more targeted solution, and Overnight Resurfacing Peel works all night to gently resurface so you waking up to softer, smoother-feeling skin.

How to use them: In the morning, wash your face, then follow with the Countertime serum (pink bottle). Let dry for 30 seconds. Follow with vitamin C serum (yellow bottle) and then SPF. In the evening, wash the day off with your favorite cleanser and apply 1-2 pumps of the the Overnight Peel (charcoal bottle). Let sink in for 2 minutes and follow with night cream. 

Best In Clean Heroes

Note this set is temporarily out of stock – it will be back!

If you want to go all in on a sampler, get the bigger set of five Best In Clean Heroes and you’ll get a day time moisturizer and lip gloss, too. Plus the bottles are 2x as big while still being smaller than the full-size versions. The Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Day Lotion matches your skin’s hydration where it is – it’s great for many skin types for a dose of protection for the moisture barrier to start your day. 

How to use them: Follow the steps above for the Mini Must Haves but add the Countermatch Day Lotion after the Vitamin C serum sinks in. Plus lip gloss!

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Ready, Set Makeup Trio

This makeup trio is the perfect way to sample some of the newer makeup products that launched this year. Ever tried a cream eyeshadow? I am hooked with how easy it is! Accentuate the eyes with our foolproof Lid Glow Cream Shadow in a pretty Moonlit white that instantly brightens eyes, then add a layer of the high impact Think Big All-In-One Mascara (in a mini size!), and, finally, apply a sheer, juicy shimmer with The Jellies in a Caramel flavor – yum!

Mini Beyond Gloss Vault

It’s our best-selling Beyond Gloss in four all-new shades in mini, take-anywhere sizes, perfect for tossing in handbags, gym bags, or travel bags (one in each!) Our gloss gives a high-impact, non-sticky shine and a responsibly sourced organic vanilla scent. It’s comfortable enough to wear like chapstick and my favorite of all the lip products. 

Good Glitz Duo

Missing our powdered shadows? This mini palette is a talc-free limited-edition eyeshadow quad with responsibly sourced mica. The four shades work together and complement each other to layer and blend. Plus the petite palette is perfect for travel or a minimalist makeup bag. Then, add a swipe of non-sticky shine with Beyond Gloss in Gilded (that gold color though!), scented with sweet, organic vanilla. This neutral golden shade looks great on everyone!

Cheeky Clean Cream Blush

Beautycounter has a new cream blush! Now in refillable compacts, the new cream colors are beautiful on cheeks (and lips). Versatile, mistake-proof, and long-wearing, you can pat it on with your fingertips for a dewy, seamless look. Best of all, you can more easily control where and how much blush is applied, so it’s easy for all kinds of makeup levels to use!

Bath & Body

Solemates Exfoliating Duo

I could not be more excited about this new foot balm! After all, my pedicures have been a bit neglected the past year and my soccer calluses are baaaaad. Use the Solemate Volcanic Exfoliator Tool first before applying the Sole Soothe Exfoliating Foot Balm — a rich overnight foot treatment with a 9% AHA/beta-hydroxy acid blend that works to gently exfoliate and smooth skin while you sleep. This would make the perfect gift for any athlete! 

Good Scents Hand Cream Trio

Sanitizer hands got you dry? This lightweight, ultra-hydrating trio of hand creams are great to stash around: your desk, nightstand, and car. Scented with essential oils and naturally derived fragrances, you’ll want to have one of these hand creams everywhere you go these winter. 

Don’t know where to start? I can help!

  • If you need recommendations fill out this form and I’ll send you recommendations for your skin type and budget. 
  • If you want to get the best bang for your buck, sign up as a rewards perk member for $29 a year and get an Overnight Peel + Charcoal Mask as a welcome gift set plus 10% of your purchase back in product credit. And free ship on $100 all year. 
  • And if you want to get in on my VIP email list to know about new products and promotions I do, subscribe here.

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