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Simple Holiday Decorating


Simple Holiday Decorating

I’ve learned that simple holiday decorating with natural elements is the perfect blend of festive and calm for me. Here’s how we’re getting ready for the holidays!

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Wreath and reindeer hanger from Target

Here is my annual holiday decor post!

I have learned over the years that simple, natural elements are my favorite style to add to evergreen decor for the holidays. If I go too crazy with red and green my head starts to spin! My home has a pretty neutral color palette overall, and it’s that way for a reason. Neutral shades make me feel calm. The color red – not so much! It can actually stimulate a stress response in some people. I believe I am one of them. So green and gold are my holiday colors of choice. 

I picked up this JOY pillow a few years ago.

And the red and green pillows I do own are great for each of my kids’ beds. 

Mazen has fun with this pillow each day – 

A little bit of red! There’s a touch in our stockings as well, but both the pillow and stockings are backed with neutral, textured fabric. 

These golden pinecone trees enjoy a spot on the mantel.

I strung some twinkly fairy lights around them too.

New Tree Location

The big difference in our holiday decor this year is the location of our tree!! 

I have lived in this house for six Christmases and always put the tree in the front window. But due to the big buffet there and the open doorway, it was always sticking out in the way. This year we decided to put it in the opposite corner. While it is tucked away back there, it still provides the entire room with a festive ambiance. 

Acquiring the tree was slim pickings. Last year we went to The Market at Grelen to cut our own down, but we couldn’t find a date to go that Santa was there and we didn’t have a schedule conflict, so we went down the road to a nursery and got one of 5 trees left! This one has the long needles (I think it’s a White Pine?) and it’s been AMAZING that they haven’t dropped all over the house!! The only downside is I don’t think it’s as fragrant as a traditional tree. 

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He didn’t really hang any ornaments, but he loved looking through them!

Other Ways We’re Getting Ready For The Holidays

Tree trimming –> hair trimming!

Here is Birch wearing Mazen’s old fleece PJS!!

Our favorite Christmas books

I made a point to put these away last year, so when they came back out it was just like Christmas morning! Our favorites are Little Blue Truck (especially the real lights on the last page) and Frankenstein’s Christmas! Is it just me or is the Polar Express reallllllyyyyyy looooonnnnggg!

Eggnog made its appearance!

Thomas and I taking our first sips exclaiming “Why is this stuff SO GOOD!?” I think it’s the nutmeg…

Birch’s Favorite Nativity Scene

Birch LOVES walking to the church to look at this nativity scene. It’s a daily visit!

Christmas Crafts

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, we’ve been loving the KiwiCo Christmas crafts. I have two more boxes ready to go for this weekend! Santa’s Workshop and the Christmas Carousel

kiwico holiday boxes on table

kiwico holiday boxes on table

We loved the Little Tree + Santa’s Sleigh! Mazen did this one all by himself. 

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Ho Ho How are you decorating? 

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