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10 Alcohol Free Cocktail Drinks


10 Alcohol Free Cocktail Drinks

Skipping spirits this holiday season? I’m sharing alcohol free cocktail drinks that are festive and delicious.

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I am not one to pass up a bold glass of red wine at a holiday party or sip a festive bourbon drink on Christmas Eve, but I also don’t love the feel of a holiday hangover. The holiday season can still be fun and festive without drinking alcohol at every outing and special occasion. People choose to skip spirits for a variety of reasons, but that’s not an excuse to have to miss out on sipping something special. 

There’s no reason to sip tap water all night long (unless that’s your preference, of course)! There are plenty of alcohol-free cocktail drinks – some call them cocktails (mock + cocktail) – to choose from. They are safe for everyone to enjoy – including the kiddos! 

My favorite strategy is actually to have an actual alcoholic drink or two (happy hour wine, one with dinner) and then switch to mocktails for the rest of the night. The hybrid approach is the best way to enjoy the taste without getting more than a smidge tipsy!

Alcohol Free Cocktail Drinks

Alcohol Free Cocktail Drinks

Here are 10 non-alcoholic cocktail hour ideas (a.k.a. mocktails) to help you unwind and celebrate the season booze free. By using fresh fruit pureés, sparkling water, herbs, and homemade syrups, you can create a delicious drink without the worry of waking up with a hefty headache! 

Why Drink A Mocktail?

Mocktails offer countless benefits when compared to traditional alcoholic cocktails. Here are a few:

  • easy to make
  • hydrating
  • less expensive – easier on the budget
  • fewer calories – more favorable to your waistline
  • won’t impact sleep or decision-making
  • no hangover!

Mocktail Making Tips & Tricks

1. Add a splash of something sparkling – bubbles boost any beverage. 

2. Fresh is best – squeeze your own fruit juices, lime or lemon juice, and purees; the secret to making a mocktail is using fresh ingredients, just as you would with a cocktail. 

3. Go crazy with cubes – go big or go home. Freeze juice instead of water. Freeze edible flowers, and more!

4. Get out the nice glasses – the fancier the better!

5. Don’t forget the garnish(es) – from berries and citrus to rosemary springs, cocktail cherries, and statement straws.

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Alcohol Free Cocktail Drinks

Alcohol Free Cocktail Drinks

10 Alcohol Free Cocktail Drinks

1. Rosemary Citrus Spritzer

Whip up a simple syrup to mix with soda water for a simple and refreshing drink. This Rosemary Citrus Spritzer recipe has a light, herbal taste that is enjoyable year round. 

2. Sparkling Apple Cran Spritzer

Sparkling apple cider is a beverage everyone can enjoy during the holidays – the kiddos love it, too! In a festive glass, pour sparkling apple (or pear) cider, add a small splash of cranberry juice (optional), and garnish with a few fresh whole cranberries.

3. Spirited Seltzer

Fill a glass (or even a champagne flute, depending on the occasion!) with sparkling water, tonic water, or club soda, add a splash of vibrant red cranberry or pomegranate juice and garnish with a few fresh pomegranate seeds. A sprig of mint makes it minty and merry!

4. Moscow Mule Mocktail

Kombucha is a fermented tea that’s naturally effervescent. For an alcohol-free twist on a Moscow Mule, fill a glass with ice, pour in a generous serving of spicy ginger kombucha, and a juicy squeeze of lime juice, and stir before serving. If you don’t care for kombucha, try ginger beer instead!

5. Mimosa Mocktail

If you don’t want to miss out on a mimosa with your holiday brunch, mix orange juice with ginger ale instead of champagne to take your morning OJ up a notch.

6. Cranberry Sangria 

The fruit is the star in this booze-free party favorite. In a large pitcher or punch bowl, combine cranberry juice, orange juice, and seltzer or soda water. Add fruit (seasonal fruit like apple, citrus slices and fresh cranberries). Finish it off with a handful of fresh basil leaves and stir to combine. 

7. Virgin Mary

Craving a Bloody Mary but doing a dry challenge or staying sober this season? Make this Virgin Bloody Mary, also known as the Virgin Mary, and you won’t miss the vodka!

8. Pina Colada

If you’re dreaming of an island vacation, a pina colada will transport you to the tropics instantly. These frozen piña colada smoothies are sweetened with maple syrup and happen to be paleo and vegan, too!

9. Matcha Mojito 

Matcha and mint are a match made in heaven! For a refreshing mocktail – packed with antioxidants – try this matcha mojito recipe – it takes your average iced tea to the next level and is perfect for a hot summer day, too!

10. Margarita Mocktail

A zero-proof margarita, if you will! This virgin margarita recipe is made with fresh lemon and lime juice, tonic water, and a surprise ingredient! 

Alcohol Free Cocktail Drinks

Alcohol Free Cocktail Drinks

I hope your holidays are filled with lots of cheer, with alcohol or not! 

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