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Wouldn’t It Be Lovely


Wouldn’t It Be Lovely

Lots of Chocolates For Me To Eat

“Lots of chocolates for me to eat; lots of coal making lots of ‘eat. Warm face, warm ‘ands, warm feet. Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely.” 

Eliza was singing about Valentine’s Day, right? Because I find myself singing it every V-Day when chocolates abound! 

Here are some things I’m loving! 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The boys and I walked downtown to Mudhouse and had a delicious crunchy cookie. 

But this cookie from Multiverse Kitchens was the best!!!!!!!! Chef Keevil knows his cookies, fried chicken, and biscuits. Best in town!

This Hat

Found it on Amazon and had to get it for playing pirates! Instead of “Davy Jones” Birch thinks he’s called “Baby Jones.” 🙂 

Car Organizers

#Influenced. Instagram got me. I saw these in an ad and clicked through. The ones they were trying to sell me were “4 easy payments of $19.99” (haha or something like that). I found these on Amazon for $22. They do crowd the seat a little, but when Thomas and I are both in the car, we have 1,000 small things and they really do help hold it all: waterbottles, sunglasses, phones, sanitizer, coffee mugs, etc. etc. 

Skin Twin Foundation

Beautycounter’s foundation is incredible, and tomorrow they are expanding the shade range to have 27 different shades from fair to deep to be inclusive to the wide variation in human skin tone. This “skincare meets makeup” product has a potent dose of hyaluronic acid that pulls moisture together for a smooth and flawless finish, extra hydration, and helps to minimize appearance of fine lines over time.

  • Use this shade finder to find your perfect match (and there are 60-day free returns if you’re off a bit)
  • And get 20% off your first order with the code CLEANFORALL20! 

skin twin foundation by beautycounter in hands

skin twin foundation by beautycounter in hands

Magic Shell

Remember coconut butter magic shell? Brought it back. So good!! 

Purely Elizabeth Granola

Purely Elizabeth sent me some samples of granola and oatmeals. Loving the oatmeal that has added protein from chickpea powder and is sweetened slightly with coconut sugar. The granolas are SUPER CRUNCHY. The vanilla chocolate chip was my favorite.

Pink Cashew Butter

Elavi sent me some sample packets of their new superfood butters. This was the Pomegranate Beet Cashew Butter. What a beautiful color – especially for Valentine’s! It was delicious too. I told Birch it was strawberry, and he loved it. They also have a vanilla blue spirulina and a chocolate!

Pear Cranberry Smoothie

Daily Harvest has a new flavor – Pear Cranberry. I’m a fan! I generally like their fruitier smoothies (Acai Cherry and Strawberry Peach are my favorites) and this one is next in line!

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Tomato Soup + Kale Salad

I picked up this combo from Feast! – so so good! That’s a kale coconut tomato-based soup. Plus a half panini (split this lunch with Thomas). Highly recommend! 

Super Crunchy Chips

The chips we had in Miami were those extra crunchy kind with the visible salt. I loved them! In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than a thin tortilla chip. I found these near the hot bar at Whole Foods and our whole family devoured them. 

Day Date at Potter’s Craft Cider

I loved the Cider Nouveau, a rosé cider fermented with Petit Verdot and Merlot grape skins from King Family Vineyards. They ship!

The Air Fort

The Air Fort is always coming in handy on rainy days!!

First UVA Game!

We took both boys to a Saturday UVA game, and Birch did great!! He was clapping when everyone clapped, and loved trying to spot the Cav Man (which he called “the cowboy”) in the crowd. 

Caked Up Cville

Last month Norkeita created this cake tasting flight with NINE different flavors. The four of us could barely finish 3 in one sitting. We loved trying them all over the course of a few days. Norkeita is the best!! Also Funfetti is the forever best cake flavor. 


I always wait too long to take them for haircuts because they don’t love the activity, but I sure love a clean cut boy!! Here they are enjoying popcorn in the snow (LOL) after their haircuts. Silly boys. 

Big Truck Puzzles

Birch would like me to share that this year he loves puzzles. And pirates, if ya didn’t know!!! The 48-piece puzzles are hard!!

Crib Snuggles

Sometimes I get in his crib to help him wake up <3 

Happy Love Day!

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