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The Curse Of The Pirate


The Curse Of The Pirate

Here’s a bit of life lately! Pirates, bowls, and meals. 

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this !

Ahoy there!

We’re still pirating over here. Are you tired me sharing pirate photos? Imagine living with a pirate!!! I think we’re going on 2 month strong. Birch actually prefers listening to the soundtrack to watching the movie. He doesn’t even watch the whole movie because of the scary parts. We only put on the happy beach/ship scenes. I also put on “best Jack Sparrow moments” on YouTube. 

When he’s lucky Mazen plays too!

Good thing we have lots of sea animals!

Squids, turtles, gulls.

And seafood!

Pirates love shrimp. (Actually Jack Sparrow does not, but I do!)

And salmon!

Blue Apron Orange Fried Rice Salmon. Loved this sauce!

Crispy Skin Salmon

Crispy Skin Salmon is also a great pirate food! With salsa verde and farro.

Pirates Like Smoothies For Breakfast

When they’re at sea, smoothies are great because they can multitask with a smoothie in one hand and the sails or the wheel in the other. 

Hearty Breakfasts On Land

But when they trade their sea legs for a port, they have a hearty breakfast of cackle fruit at the tavern. Plus grapefruit to fight scurvy! 

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Sandwiches are Handy

Literally handy = great for holding in hand while doing maritime duties. 

They also love a good soup

Stored in barrels and heated over a fire and served with ale.

Pirates Like Chicken

Especially when it’s stollen from another ship. Crispy chicken is their favorite. These were all from the Blue Apron vessel! 

Pirates Don’t Have Time For Salads

They are too frilly. And the greens wilt in the salty sea air. 

But you know who loves noodles?

Davy Jones!!!

Young Bucko and I say sail ho! 

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