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Beautycounter Compensation Plan: The Nitty Gritty


Beautycounter Compensation Plan: The Nitty Gritty

Curious how to make money with Beautycounter? This post explains the Beautycounter Compensation Plan in detail.

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Today is Beautycounter’s 9th anniversary as a brand changing the beauty industry.

To celebrate, there is free shipping on anything over $50 this weekend! Give the Overnight Resurfacing Peel or All Bright Vitamin C Serum a try. Or my favorite night cream! You can get minis of two of those in this set.

Since I’ve been a Consultant with Beautycounter for almost three years, I thought today would be a great time to explain Beautycounter’s compensation plan; in other words, how 50,000+ consultants and I can earn money by linking arms with this innovative clean beauty brand. 

While I initially said “no thank you” (more than once!) to the business opportunity, I was looking for cleaner sunscreens in April 2019 and decided to try something new. In addition to sunscreen, I decided to swap all of my skincare and makeup for Beautycounter at the same time. I knew the brand was trustworthy and had a focus on sustainability, so I went all in and signed up as a consultant for the discount. Note that I never would have signed up if there were a bunch of requirements or minimums, and I had absolutely zero interest in having people under me (although my sister and I joined together!). 

I can say with sincerity that working with Beautycounter has added so many positives to my life. I am not at the top of the company (nor do I know if I ever will be), but I am happily in the middle! I have created an additional stream of income for our family simply by helping others choose safer personal care products. 

Disclaimer: Beautycounter and/or any of our independent consultants do not guarantee any level of income. Each consultant’s success in earning Commissions will depend on his or her efforts, abilities, and circumstances. To learn more, please view the 2020 Income Disclosure Statement at

Beautycounter Compensation Plan

Beautycounter Compensation Plan

Beautycounter’s Business Model

There is a misconception that Beautycounter is a “pyramid scheme” or “another one of those brands.” Our founder, Gregg Renfrew, felt that transparency in beauty was a message best told person to person, so she founded the company with a community of marketers in mind.

Very similar to the hundreds of brands I’ve collaborated with through KERF over the years, being a consultant with Beautycounter is not very different than being an affiliate with Athleta or Amazon. I earn a *very tiny* commission when I share things I love and use across hundreds of brands through affiliate networks. The difference is that Beautycounter’s commission structure is much more generous at 25%. And Beautycounter has a lot more two-way communication with its consultants than many brands offer with their affiliate networks. 

You can buy Beautycounter without a consultant if you choose

You’ll just lose a layer of customer service : ) Beautycounter sells their products through multiple channels, with direct-to-consumer sales being the main avenue. That said, you do not need to purchase Beautycounter products through a consultant. You can simply purchase online like any other e-commerce brand. You can also walk into one of Beautycounter’s brick and mortar stores in Denver, Los Angeles, and New York City, and you may have even seen the products pop up in well-known stores like Target and Sephora. 

Video: Beautycounter Presents: Myths About Direct Selling

Beautycounter Compensation Plan

Here’s more about how Beautycounter consultants can earn income.

1. Selling Products

The first (and rather obvious) way to earn income is by selling Beautycounter’s products. Beautycounter is known for its safer beauty products that are all formulated without the use of more than 1,800 questionable and potentially harmful ingredients.

The products range from anti-aging skincare serums to makeup made with ethically-sourced mica and shower essentials for the entire family. And yes, while technically I’m selling Beautycounter, it is honestly more about sharing and educating. These high-performing products sell themselves!

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As a consultant, you earn 25-35% commission on everything you sell. Everyone earns at least 25% commission; the more you sell each month, the more you earn.

  • Up to $750 in sales/month: 25% commission
  • Up to $1,500 in sales/month: 30% commission
  • Up to $3,000 in sales/month: 32% commission
  • Over $3,000 in sales/month: 35% commission 

For example: If I have a friend who places a $200 order, I would earn $50 in commissions from that order at the 25% base commission rate. 

Countertime carry-on set

Countertime carry-on set

But I don’t want to be that salesy person! I totally understand. No hands go up when you ask if someone wants to sell something to their friends and family. And you don’t have to have experience with retail sales, or sales whatsoever. This model is truly about sharing – person to person – just as you would your favorite pair of boots or leggings.

In fact, most consultants were a Band of Beauty member first (Beautycounter’s customer rewards program) before they enrolled as a consultant … meaning they were already consistent consumers of the brand. However, instead of just saving money as a member, you have the ability to earn money as a consultant. 

2. Building A Team

The second way to make income, and scale your Beautycounter business, is by developing a team of fellow consultants. This is 100% optional, but is the definitive way that you can earn a larger pay check. Contrary to being a pyramid scheme, this model is not unlike any other corporate job where the CEO or executive level employees who oversee a team of employees earn a larger salary than those “under them.” 

As your team grows in size (your team sells and builds teams of their own), you’ll get a small commission of those sales. It does not reduce the amount that your downline consultant earns. You can earn anywhere from 5-12% of your team’s sales. Similarly, as you put in the work to help mentor emerging leaders on your team, that is reflected in your monthly earning statement as well. 

How much you earn can vary quite a bit; there is great information about how much an average Beautycounter consultant makes at each level in the income disclosure statement. It’s really interesting to study the data they provide. For example, lots of people join just to get a discount and not to actually sell so they have $0 in earnings. And they separate out averages for new consultants vs. seasoned. Of the new consultants who had sales in a 6-month period, 50% earned more than $100, 23% earned more than $500, and 12% earned more than $1,000.

These are the titles you can achieve based on how much sales volume you have and how large your team grows. 

  1. Consultant
  2. Senior Consultant
  3. Manager
  4. Senior Manager
  5. Director (I am here!) 
  6. Senior Director
  7. Executive Director
  8. Managing Director

kath holding beautycounter

kath holding beautycounter

3. Beautycounter Consultant Perks

I love being a part of a larger community. I’ve mentioned before that after working for myself for so many years it was actually refreshing to feel connected, especially to a company that is a B Corporation and widely recognized like on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list and Forbes.

It has always felt natural to promote Beautycounter’s products because I honestly love the results I’ve seen in my own skin and wholeheartedly stand behind the company’s mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone – Beautycounter or not! 

There are also perks beyond earning money, such as free products and other incentives. Of course those are all optional – just for fun. 

Consultant Perks:

  • Get a 25% discount on all your own purchases (this is why most people join and the best perk!) 
  • No inventory required: items ship directly from HQ to clients
  • Earn 25-35% commission (+ bonuses) on sales made through your personal link
  • Get early access to new products and limited edition sets at a discount (usually 30-40% off)
  • Free educational trainings and endless support
  • No rules, no minimums; total schedule flexibility and creativity! 

Want to join?

If you’re interested in reading more about the business side of Beautycounter, learn more here. Be sure to read through my Beautycounter Consultant FAQs, too. If you’d like to chat with me, fill this out and I’ll be in touch! 

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